Review By Lindsey Bluher – Photos By Amber Zbitnoff

The Barboza is sort of like Neumos’ little sister, but on a stormy Seattle Sunday night the venue was packed with a sold out crowd. The reason for the buzz bouncing off the marigold velvet curtain was Lord Huron, a band who recently released the album Lonesome Dreams which has been met with critical acclaim spanning across major music outlets. Seattle music fans obviously had fallen in love with the album already, filling Barboza as soon as doors opened- something that worked to the advantage of the night’s opener Night Moves.

It was clear that most who attended hadn’t ever heard of the mid-western band, but within a few songs the four guys on stage had heads bobbing and hips shaking. Night Moves has an undeniable disco-rock feel to them, with just enough attitude to keep things from getting too vanilla. The slide guitar added to their material made it so that just when you thought you might be able to put a label on them, the band would change it up yet again. While the lead singer seemed distant and cool, Night Moves’ drummer was just the most entertaining thing on stage, grinning a larger than life smile. The crowd may have come to see Lord Huron, but as Night Moves wrapped up their set it was obvious that they’d won over the room.


Lord Huron is the perfect band to see on a rainy autumn night- singer/guitarist Ben Schneider has the ability to be calming while simultaneously passionate, creating a warming effect on the audience that could never be provided by a wool sweater. The band was tight and on point, and despite a few sound issues the guys powered through over an hour worth of material. If you were within eye view of the stage, it is without a doubt you spent at least half of Lord Huron’s set with your gaze focused on drummer Mark Barry. The guy was like a magician behind his kit- I was never sure if when I glanced over at him I’d see him playing his snare with a set of maracas as drum sticks, or if he’d be beating his kit while simultaneously shaking a tambourine, or some happy combination of all of the above. His talent and capabilities are that of what most bands would have from multiple members and he’s without doubt part of what makes this band so unique.

Starting out strong with songs like ‘The Man Who Lives Forever’ had the packed crowd dancing and singing along with the chorus. Ben’s voice is warm, and when he would pull back from the microphone and wail it was a stunningly handsome sound to hear. One of the most notable moments of the night was when the band began with ‘The Ghost On The Shore’ and then bled directly into ‘She Lit a Fire,’ – starting with a lesser known and closing with one of the album’s best. The night wrapped up with the title track ‘Lonesome Dreams’ before the band came back for a rather long encore which included ‘The Stranger.’ All in all the praise for Lord Huron is well deserved, and under a blue ceiling Seattle received a great introduction to what will surely be a band we see in the Emerald City again soon.


Check out a more photos from the show in the gallery below:



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