When I think of Grimes – aka Claire Boucher – all I can see is a vision of a mix between a sweetly innocent Hayao Miyazaki-esque character and a ninja that with one swipe of her sword can take your head clean off. While she doesn’t literally kill you with her futuristic rhythms, she definitely murders every show.

With an XXL Marilyn Manson tee on her petite frame, Grimes mesmerized the sold-out crowd at Neumos last night. Backed by the ladies of Myths, who were coated in plastic, Grimes seamlessly moved through her set with her other-worldly beautiful vocals and bouncy button pushing. “Oblivion” and her well known “Genesis” both brought the floor to a dancing frenzy even though the room was eating up every beat and tonal shift she threw their way. Between Myths dancing in black lit skeleton outfits, pink flowers, and torn white, fabric draped stage, it felt as though we were all apart of a cotton candy fiesta on a haunted ghost ship.

Grimes closed out the show stating how she doesn’t prefer encores but likes playing “a big long thing” and ended with “Phone Sex” – a dance inducing track produced by her dear friend Blood Diamonds. Although she is a Canadian citizen, she did also encourage the crowd in this political season to take action with the statement of “and, um, you should probably, like, vote if you can.”


Check out more photos from Grimes’ show in the gallery:




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