Review By Lindsey Bluher – Photos By Amber Zbitnoff


On Saturday Barboza was home to a sold out show this time featuring British headliner, Daughter. And boy oh boy was it a doozy.

Despite the singular tense of the band’s name and the influence of singer/guitar player Elena Tonra, this is thoroughly a three-person ensemble. It’s not only Tonra’s voice and lyrics that make Daughter one of my favorite rising acts, but the subtleties added to songs like “Landfill” by her band mates Igor Haefeli & Remi Aguilella. They are irrefutably what make her not just another singer/songwriter. Don’t get me wrong, Tonra sends shivers down spines with her twinkling vocals and gut wrenching vocals. Tell me lines like “Well this is torturous electricity/ Between both of us and this is/ Dangerous, cos’ I want you so much/ But I hate your guts / I want you so much/ But I hate your guts” doesn’t just stop you dead in your tracks. But the handiwork of Haefeli and Aguilella create even more swirling, all encompassing depth by stroking the drums and making the second guitar twitch. The three members of this band struck me while playing together as parts of a whole – something not always the case in bands.

In terms of this set, it started slow and steady. “Landfill,” arguably the band’s best known song, came upon the crowd early in the set as song 2. The most memorable part of the night though was about halfway through the set when Daughter played “Candles” followed by “Youth.” These two songs are totally absorbing standing alone, but played back to back it felt as though the band had crawled inside my heart and Tonra’s vocals were ricocheting off my heart wall. A heart wall is a thing, right? It was a powerful, intense, heartbreaking moment due to the power and sadness of these songs.

Sad is the theme of many Daughter songs, but after seeing this group live it’s as if despite the darkness of the band’s songs, Tonra’s fairy tale vocals add a dash of hope to every line of despair.


To see a few more photos from their set look no further than the gallery below:



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