Surroundings often reflect so much on who resides in the space. A prime example of this can be seen within the practice room of The Grizzled Mighty. Hidden below the staircase amongst the lower Capitol Hill hood, the basement has become part of the duo’s daily routine. With sessions that tend to go on for hours on a weekly basis, the environment begins to adapt to Ryan and Whitney’s preferences and collect tools necessary to make pure rock and roll sounds come from the speakers. It’s the details of these particulars that give insight to how the band operates… spiraled notebooks handwritten with lyrics and to-do lists that reveal their sense of ambition and organization. An assortment of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans collected in various corners showing a necessary laid back atmosphere needed to craft chords and cardboard cutouts for future music videos. The giant box of earplugs with a friendly Sharpied message encouraging the protection of others hearing. Illuminated by bright bulbs and strung lights, together these items create just the right aesthetic required to write riffs and rehearse for upcoming EP release shows.

Don’t miss The Grizzled Mighty this Friday, February 1st as they share the Neumos stage with Seattle friends
Kithkin, Rose Windows and River Giant. Get tickets here, and prepare for this room to get loud.



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