I’m afflicted with the “Um, I could easily do/make that” mentality. $25 for a piece of lace that passes as lingerie? Give me some scissors.  I’ll make that shit. International recognition for a Youtube video titled “Gucci Gucci”? Give me a camera, and roll me a few blunts, my ’96 Honda will look hella fly on film while I’m cruisin’ down Broadway. Easy.

When I first saw ‘Gucci Gucci’ by Kreayshawn I underestimated the 23 year old Oakland rap sensation. Within a year of producing the video she signed a million-dollar contract with Columbia. She’s the brain behind the creative direction, merchandise design and videos for her debut album, “Somethin ‘Bout Kreay” and she’s currently performing internationally on her “Group Hug” tour.

Basically, she’s got it going on.

In interviews Kreayshawn says it all.  She’ll touch on how frequently she poops, the difficulty of losing high school friends and collaborating with music sensations like Diplo and 2 Chainz. Oh, and her aversion to fancy pizza (partially how she won my heart. Shout out to Big Marios) She gets flack for being crass, but it’s one of her deals, and she’s unapologetic.

Maybe we can all learn a thing or two from this young rap sensation. In an interview with The Fader she describes her musical background saying, “I’d open up GarageBand and rip a beat off YouTube, smoke hella weed and freestyle to it.” So, maybe I really can do this?

I’ve never seen her live, but I’m willing to bet she’s got some gnarly tricks up her sleeve.



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