Jessica Dobson began Deep Sea Diver as a solo artist in Southern California. There must be something in the water here though- because this diver came up with a husband, Peter Mansen, in Seattle after coming here to record in 2009. The two of them went back to California to retrieve Jessica’s friend John Raines to play bass, moved up to Seattle in 2010, and together wrote History Speaks- their first full-length album. Having played guitar with Beck and then The Shins, this lady could do it all by herself. But why go diving solo when you have a first mate and bass-ist friend on board who do nothing but make you sound even more amazing?! Check it out:

In the same way lovers have a special connection that sounds great when it blares through the stereo, so do siblings. Brother and sister duo Wild Belle will also be performing on the 30th. They’re gonna make you think you’re on a tropical island in space. Think the Cops theme song, but in the future when they use big happy fluffy robots to pluck people from stolen vehicles and private properties.

Swoop some tickets here and come out to Neumos on Friday for incredible guitarists, beats, and musical chemistry.



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