It has been but two weeks since we the people so valiantly secured our inalienable right to get high, and Chris Robinson is already rolling into town.  As if by fate, The Black Crowes’ frontman and fervent cannabis crusader is playing Neumos this Saturday, November 24th, with his most recent project, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

Contrary to any assumptions one might draw from the nominal prominence of its most illustrious member, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood is anything but a one-man-band.  Indeed, as the band’s name indicates, there is an exceptionally fraternal quality to the Brotherhood’s meandering blues.  Robinson’s signature Atlanta drawl serves primarily as the finishing touch on the pseudo-psychedelic soundscapes created by the simultaneously precise and laid-back interplay of Neal Casal’s guitar, Adam MacDougall’s keys, George Sluppick’s drums, and Mark Dutton’s bass.  Jams such as “Tulsa Yesterday” and “Rosalee” (featured below), both from the band’s June debut, Big Moon Ritual, represent an updated take on the classic blues-rock popularized by legends such as The Allman Brothers Band and the Grateful Dead.  Not unlike Jerry Garcia’s famed troupe, the Brotherhood manages to infuse a little bit of California sunshine into their Southern-bred sound.  Their immersive grooves transport the listener to a hybrid, sweltering, sticky American summer afternoon; South Georgia via Topanga Canyon, if you will.  In the midst of a typically torrential Seattle November, nothing sounds better.

Simply put, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood is a blues-oriented jam band, and common knowledge suggests that such ensembles thrive on the stage.  The live performance of “Rosalee” below only confirms such a hunch, meaning Saturday’s show is sure to be a good old-fashioned barn-burner.  So, for providing us Seattleites with a much-needed respite from the rain, here’s to you, Mr. Robinson.  And here’s to seeing all of you at Neumos this Saturday at 8.



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