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February 23, 2013 8:00 pm
$12 ADV
January 3, 2013
925 E. Pike St., Seattle, WA, 98122, United States

Summer Meltdown Presents
6th Annual Winter WarmUp
ft. Polyrhythmics with True Spokes + The Horde & The Harem
Saturday February 23, 2013
$12 ADV // 21+

POLYRYTHMICS // polyrhythmics.com

Polyrhythmics have quickly gained notoriety playing to packed clubs and festival crowds all over the Northwest. Their self-titled, and now sold-out EP released in 2010, has been charting on radio playlists up and down the west coast. After a year of further developing their distinct sound, the band recorded their first full-length album. The resulting “Labrador” is a 9-song powerhouse full of brooding dance grooves, and catchy layered horn melodies. “Labrador” was recorded at Sleng Teng Studios ,specifically for it’s vintage sound, and the recording process was very similar to their approach on the EP: “live” in one room, just like the greats of yester-year. “Labrador” debuted internationally on June 1st 2011 to critical acclaim and established a place at the ever crowded “funk” table for this fast-moving , powerhouse of a band. DJ’s worldwide, have been clamoring for a vinyl release from Polyrhythmics, and on 11.11.11 , the band is set to release their 1st 45rpm 7-inch record on the Kept Records label. This non-stop dance floor banger features special arrangements of the song “Imposter” on the A side , and the live show favorite “Klompton” on the B-side. Drawing from modern influences such as the Budos Band and The Whitefield Brothers as well as their original influences, Fela Kuti, and James Brown, “Labrador” is a shining example of the chemistry between these 8 talented performers and why, in a seemingly endless sea of new funk bands, Polyrhythmics is the band everyone is talking about.

TRUE SPOKES // truespokes.com

The True Spokes presents a band matured but not grown up, refined but still renegade. For the first time, singer and guitarist Josh Clauson was abbetted in songwriting by the rest of the group. In fact, Clauson now shares lead vocal duties with guitarist RL Heyer, while drummer Scott Goodwin sings backup. Their three-part harmonies are rife throughout these 11 songs, a soulful vocal outpouring fans have never heard before. Bassist Eric Bryson and percussionist/keyboardist Bob Rees round out the lineup.

THE HORDE & THE HAREM // thehordeandtheharem.com

The Horde and the Harem are a spirited band of troublemakers known to ride bicycles and create danceable folk pop thick with layers of harmony. Formed in Seattle but comprised of members originally scattered all about the West Coast, the group’s music certainly has a flavor distinct to the Pacific Northwest. Elegant vocal melodies are tasteful and classic to the point that they sound familiar even on a first listen. Bright bursts of guitars and trumpets soar above like noble birds of prey flying through the trees over a rhythm section reminiscent of men shoveling coal into a steam engine, propelling it down the tracks.




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