Ladies and gents, get ready for a like you’ve never seen before. Previews, reviews, interviews and everything around the corner of 10th & Pike to keep you informed. First up, welcome to a new feature we like to call Connect the Dots, an up-close-and-personal Q&A with your favorite musicians. More posts full of unique content to come, so be on the lookout to lurk away soon.

There are a many things Seattlities have to be proud of, with Beat Connection being a good example of this. We recently sat down with Reed Juenger, co-founding member of the electro-pop foursome to pick his brain and gather some doodles… check out his handwritten answers below. It would be silly of you to miss their set this Saturday, November 17th at Neumos, so get tickets now before it’s too late.

Click on over to Beat Connection’s facebook page for a FREE download of their latest mixtape masterpiece The Garden of Forking Paths.



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