This is huge! Bitch Magnet’s first U.S. tour in 21 years! Don’t miss your last chance to see these genre-pioneering giants. Come watch great history in the remaking.

Bitch Magnet was conceived during the birthing of the post-hardcore genre back in the late 80s. The fact that their unique take on aberrant rock music was so sonically thrilling and trenchant allowed them to share a pastiche with contemporaries like Fugazi. However, in the early 90s, they disbanded after they were three records into their stint and then went on to disperse their talents elsewhere in bands like Superchunk and Seam.

Fast-forward to 2011. To their fans’ delight, Bitch Magnet announced select European and Asian shows where they would reunite with their “classic” lineup. Now that they’ve greased the song hinges of their mellifluous catalogue and reissued their discography, they’re firing up the “Americruiser” and reclaiming the red, white, and blue one metropolis at a time. They’ll be torching Seattle at yours truly this Sunday night.

Even The Stranger gets lured in by Bitch Magnet’s force field.



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